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  1. I've been in the clear bra paint protection film business for 15 yrs

    Introduce yourself
    Welcome to the forum, I know you're here to promote clear bra installation, I'm 50/50 on clear bras. I used to love them for chip protection, but I had a bad experience and now I'm not sure I'd do another one. I've done small sections of clear protection on my exotic cars, like I did a 1/3...
  2. Power locks

    Problems and Concerns
    WOW! That sounds fun. What I'm about to say is only valid if this all didn't decide to happen at once. If it was working fine one day, and all this went down the next day, you've got a serious electrical problem going on. If it did go out gradually, now's the time for diagnosis. In most cases...
  3. Big Stereo Requires Big Power - alternator question

    Audio, Video, Security & Navigation
    I figured since no one here has experience with this I'd just give it a try, ordered the powermax 250 amp today. I was REALLY hoping for some feedback before placing an order since the alternator requires a fair bit of random parts removal to access. If it was my Suburban, or my 911 I wouldn't...
  4. Big Stereo Requires Big Power - alternator question

    Audio, Video, Security & Navigation
    Good point for anyone thinking about upgrading alternators. You definitely don't want to run an amplifier through ANY factory wiring. Running an additional 4 gauge wire from the alternator to the battery is the safest way to draw as much as possible without melting wires. I'm going to run a...
  5. Big Stereo Requires Big Power - alternator question

    Audio, Video, Security & Navigation
    After some searching, there appear to be a few options for high output aftermarket alternators or I could have mine custom wound. I'm not against having my alternator rebuilt to output over 200 amps, but would prefer to do an off the shelf unit due to downtime. I ordered a Soundstream 5 channel...
  6. New 2016 Odyssey owner will 20x8.5 et 35 fit?

    Wheels, Tires, and Suspension
    Looks like the orginal poster signed up in Feb of 2016, made these posts and hasn't returned since. I'm curious too, I went through all the pages of the "show your 20s" thread trying to find the posts that actually put up data like back spacing and tire size. I ordered a set of TSWs but they...
  7. Blog Feature?

    Odyclub Feedback and Site help
    I guess that would work on this forum since it's low activity, I'm more used to sites like bayareariderforum or pelicanparts where when you post a thread, 30 seconds later it's on page 2.
  8. Custom rims for Honda Odyssey at CARiD
    Just checked out your selection, is there a reason your Odyssey fitment only goes up to 18s? 19s and 20s fit perfectly with the tire sizes available today.
  9. Advice, modding a minivan

    1999 - 2004 Odyssey
    Yeah.....that is.....something. :laugh:
  10. 3m headlight restoration

    I've tried everything that Orielly sells and never get these type of result, you're a pro! :D
  11. Advice, modding a minivan

    1999 - 2004 Odyssey
    My type of people! :DD Where I live we have this minivan club with all these awesome Honda and Toyotas. Came across a TRD Sienna, sucker sounded pretty sweet as it flew by me. I just picked up a 2000 Odyssey for this very purpose. The Odyssey (especially 99-04) seemed to have the most amount...
  12. Kidless Minivan Owners

    General Discussion
    I've always like minivans. As a teen, I bought them because I could easily stuff (8) 18" subwoofers in the back, or even better yet, a mattress....for camping. :DD I have 2 kids, but my recent Odyssey purchase has nothing to do with them. I have a Sienna, or my Suburban for my long trips, or...
  13. Blog Feature?

    Odyclub Feedback and Site help
    If you've read my first intro post you'd know I just picked up a project 2000 Odyssey on Saturday, 1/14/16. I've already got orders in for several parts to convert this family van into something fun. I rarely remember to document my builds, and since I like to finish my builds quickly I tend to...
  14. New member - 2003 Honda Odyssey

    Introduce yourself
    Factory manuals may seem pricey but what they save you more than makes up for it. Sure $149 is a bit much for a book, but imagine if that $149 investment means you don't have to go get molested at the stealership for a $900 master cylinder repair you can do yourself for $120. Just saved $880...
  15. 2016 Odyssey Rough Beginning

    Introduce yourself
    I have a 06 Sienna still running strong with about 170k...ish......I think. My kids mom drives it and I never hear about the van until a light comes on, but about 170k. :D When you say you "hear a vibration noise" is it like a rattling? I hear other people complain about the creaks, cracks, and...
  16. 2002 with 2011 8th seat

    DIY Modifications
    That looks great! That's what I'm trying to do too! Well...not the jump seat, I've got a couple other 8 passenger vehicles, but the full upgrade. Seems like there are a lot of 2011+ seats out there for sale, I'd hate to buy them only to find out it's a full custom install. It would be cool if...
  17. Roll Call!

    Cali Bay Area
    2k in Oakland
  18. bc coilovers

    1999 - 2004 Odyssey
    I couldn't find anyone who put them on either, I just ordered the Magen coil overs today. I can tell you how they go in a couple weeks. :tongue:
  19. Post your 20" ODYS

    Wheels, Tires, and Suspension
    SICK! Thanks for posting backspacing, people never do that. I just got my van today, going to start the modding as soon as parts arrive, I see you're from San Jose, I'll see around soon. FYI I ordered the same coilover set today, feeling better about my choice now. :D
  20. Desperately in need of tires for 2007 & completely overwhelmed - advice appreciated

    Wheels, Tires, and Suspension
    In Short: Kumho - 235/65-16s Interesting this didn't turn into a major debate. Tires are one of those things that people tend to have their favorites and will fight to prove theirs is the best. :D I swap out vehicles a lot and go through a lot of tires. I can say 25k for a set of Yokohamas is...
1-20 of 24 Results