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Town and Country
Metallic Muted Ugly Green
Bought 2006 when 7 years old. 70,000 miles, everything worked. Many thousands of miles with canoes and kayaks on roof. Never tried to pull a trailer.
1999 Chrysler Town and Country (Metallic Muted Ugly Green)


Toward the end, 15w40 diesel oil, then Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak for the big seal between engine and transmission.
Removed third-row seat and second-row bucket behind driver to accommodate canoe & kayak equipment and 7-foot paddles.
Bungee straps along ceiling for stowage of paddles.
Fit half inch closed-call foam over large parts of rear floor to sleep on floor at river put-ins and take-outs and long cross-country drives.
Four-inch thick closed-call foam ____ wide x ____ long, from rear door to a foot away from driver seat adequate width for two sleeping.
Interior latch to open rear door: outlined in large day-glo amber letters, OPEN
Spare keys (van and trailer) two pair: 1 pair hidden inside, 1 pair hidden outside van
Red & white LED lights on ceiling above driver and front & rear passenger seats. Reds for night map reading under way and amateur astronomy. Hot wired, key not needed, LED draw minor, individual switches.
LED red/white light on interior rear door for when raised.
Red/white map light on flexible stalk for driver.
Hooks along edge of ceiling to hang wet clothes, numerous along driver side only (to not block driver vision on right side).
Marine cargo netting for easy visible stowage, along ceiling driver side, below windows both sides
Plastic cupholder-style hooks across ceiling a foot forward of rear door opening; to allow simultaneous tailgate seating and interior privacy.
Slim rope fastened permanently along side and bottom perimeter of rear door to allow hanging wet clothes.
Black light-blocking curtain on slides along ceiling behind 2nd-row seat, for sleeping past dawn.
Velcro knife sheath along R side of driver seat.
Velcro knife sheaths for both passengers.
Velcro pouch on lower dash for pens.
Leatherman out of sight
Map pocket on side of console accessible to driver and passenger.
Nationwide book map, the one with lines of elevation, many more small roads than most maps.
Map & book pockets on insides of 4 doors.
CB radio.
Alarm for trailer door.
Storage mostly soft
Water storage: ___gal behind driver seat, ___gal behind RR passenger seat, fastened down to floor tiedown points cut and welded
Food storage
Cold (cool) storage, ___ side (exhaust pipe is on other side)
Installed roof-top tie-down points primarily for kayak and canoe tie-down. Four eyes on each side of roof: three cleats on hood, center and both sides, 2 cleats on rear bumper far left and right, later three cleats on front bumper. Drilled holes through roof & hood & bumper, fat rubber washers against sheet metal, steel washers over those, 3/8" bolts. Three tie-down cleats on hood, center and sides, Various scratches and dings added by expert driver maneuvering just close enough to objects to get just the scratches just right. Electric rear wing windows stuck closed - I left them that way.
Reflective striping: yellow on sides and step risers, orange and red on rear exterior of door, white reflectors facing forward on leading edge of hood and bumper.
Fog lights independently switched
Verbal. Cards. Also tailgate in rain or hot sun under the huge rear door. Changing out of wet neoprene wetsuits. 37" x 70" area of 4-inch closed-cell foam.
Wheel and Tire
4 petro-synthetic aluminum wheel covers.
Used full size spare a number of times.


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