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Platinum White Pearl
VMI Northstar 360 Wheelchair accessible conversion with an in-floor ramp
Wheelchair accessible van started life as a 2021 Odyssey EX. I purchased the van and sent it to Vantage Mobility Inc (VMI) for an in-floor wheelchair-accessible conversion. The floor was lowered from the firewall all the way back. The suspension was raised to accommodate the lowered floor but the ground clearance is still very low. I would recommend that anyone looking to purchase a van to convert look to the EX-L as it features. the power liftgate. While I could reach the handle to close the liftgate from my chair before. the conversion, I cannot now that it has been raised - we had to install a strap that hangs down from the back so I can lower the liftgate independently.


I used a concoction shared by Apex detail on YouTube to clean the surfaces in the interior before I applied Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer (satin/low gloss protection - not greasy).

I installed Leatherette, custom-made, two-tone seat covers from Seat Covers Unlimited. I've used this company several times before and would highly recommend their products.
Cleaned the vehicle with Carpro Reset, used an iron remover spray from Geyon (any brand will do), clayed portions of the paint that needed correction with Nanoskin clay mitt and clay towel, sprayed and wiped down the entire surface with paint prep (alcohol mixture to remove any remaining residue), and applied Turtle Wax Pro Flex Wax with Graphene (2 coats - 24 hours apart) to all surfaces (glass, plastic, chrome, and paint). FOr the tires and wheels, I cleaned with a dedicated tire and wheel brush along with Meguiar's All-WHeel cleaner. After the tires dried, I applied Carpro PERL to the sidewalls for a dark shine that isn't sloppy and doesn't sling. Usually lasts a while too. I coated the wheels with the Turtle Wax Pro Flex Wax as well.
LED interior lights replaced OE incandescent bulbs
Wheel and Tire
Pirelli Scorpion Verde II Plus tires replaced OE Bridgestone Ecopia tires


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