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Dark Blue
I am also looking for anyone that has parts that will fit my car as well for my odyssey. Its a 95' Honda Odyssey and has 165k miles and just received it back from my Ex that I let her borrow and just does not know how to take care of ca and then decided to not fix the water pump and overheat issue and now I rebuilding the whole motor with my Best Friend and is a very popular Mechanic that knows how to make cars fast and tricked out and have decided to take the F22b-1 motor and replace and rebuild the whole motor and put a t3/t4 turbo kit on it and will push about 17lbs of boost and my target goal is 220-300 hp and mid 13's to low 14's in the 1/4 mile. Also have not seen many or any tricked out Odysseys in the Boise area and will be the first or if there are some I have not seen any Pics so if you have some Send a Friend request and lets help each other out. I am very knowledgeable and know alot about mechanics and if you have any issues then hit me up and I will help ya out. I will also look at your car and if ya need help with parts I also have spare parts as well and have many connections with fixing Hondas and getting good deals on parts.
1995 Honda Odyssey (Dark Blue)


F22b-1 2.2 liter sohc, which will be ported and polished with dual butterfly throttle body and reubuit motor with new water pump, battery, alternater, seals, head gasket, gates timing belt, All oem parts, wires, ngk plugs, distributer, oil pan gasket, vallve cover, adjusted valves, new rings, pistons. Looking for some spare parts from the same year or motor.
Greyish carpet and seats.
Just an Lx model with all captain seats and has a grayish color seats and has 4 captain seats and one full row seat in the back. Great condition.
Cd changer and in dash Gps system with 1 ten and 8 speaker system.
Wheel and Tire
18" enkei low profile tires



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