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  1. 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L - ABS Codes 83-1 and 104-1

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    Hello, I decided to register after reading the threads talking about ABS. I can't find a post that seems to match this specific combo of codes and our symptoms. From a cold start no codes are on. After driving about 10 minutes 40 - 50 miles an hour on a bendy but smooth road near our house...
  2. 08 touring edition driver side view mirror

    Problems and Concerns
    I love my van and plan to keep it for the long haul. A tree branch fell on my side view and busted it. I bought one mirror new from after market and one from a junkyard and both are clip in. When I look at my car it seems like you have to take the door apart and wire. There is no quick clip in...