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  1. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    On my 2010 Odyssey Touring, replaced a TPMS Sensor (Left Rear) that showed as defective at one of the reputed tire shops near me. They installed the new one, programmed it . All was fine for 10 miles but later the TPMS System warning started glowing again. This happened twice. Not sure what is...
  2. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    On my 2010 Odyssey ,today I removed the Power Steering Fluid and refilled it. It was not a flush. Just a one time removal using a turkey baster. When I refilled, i filled it exactly till the upper level line. Then realized it was a mistake. I drove for around 10 miles and then checked the...
  3. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    May I know where to buy the No Drill Splash Guards for a 2010 Ody Touring? I checked bernardi parts but it is not available for the 2010 Model.
  4. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    I made a huge mistake of putting 5 gallons of diesel into an almost empty tank in the Odyssey. After that the van drove for around 5 miles and then stopped with the check engine light showing up. Called my insurance and towed it back to my home since today being a Sat evening. Have to tow it to...
  5. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    hey, recently i was highway driving up here in NYC and ran over a metal rod of some sort that clearly fell off of a uhaul truck (about a yard or so long and 2-3 in wide) and it punctured the under floor storage compartment. and of course i got amplifiers for the sound system there. it did...
  6. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    I got a 2010 Ody Touring with 45000 miles. It has got new brakes and new tires. When i speed at or above 70 mph , the steering starts to wobble. This happens across all type of roads, highways, local routes . What could be the issue? Also I haven't changed the timing belt yet. I know i have...
1-6 of 6 Results