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  1. 1999 - 2004 Odyssey
    Hey guys, I lowered my 2001 odyssey the other day and when I went out to drive it, it started making some new noises. It’s lowered about 5 inches. When I turn the wheels it pops and snaps, and when I hit the gas it shudders really hard. when I let off the gas reguardless of speed, it’s smooth...
  2. General Discussion
    The Timbren Axle-Less Suspension changes the way you may think about a trailer and how it performs. From the system having no through axle to the dual Aeon rubber springs, you will have a ride so quiet that you’re going to wonder if you lost the trailer. Built to perform in the harshest of...
  3. 2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    Hi all, I've been chasing this issue for years and am still not sure whether it's a problem or my imagination. The van is a 2012 with about 200K miles on it. Sometime after purchasing the van used I noticed clunking when turning the wheels while stopped, or at slow speed. Logic and lots of...
1-3 of 3 Results