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  1. 2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    Hi my 2012 Honda Odyssey showed "check charging system" message and the red battery light. I found they appeared when the car stopped at the traffic light or speed is low. They disappeared when the car is continuously running at high speed, like 50-60 mile/h. I checked the voltage of the...
  2. 2018+ Odyssey
    Hello all! It's known that the Odyssey battery for 2018+ has issues maintaining a charge when the side doors and truck are opened multiple times without starting the vehicle (learned this the hard way on a couple of camping trips)... I've been looking at small portable battery chargers to...
  3. 2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    My battery isn't seeing 14+v that alternator is producing so I'm wondering if ELD system may be culprit since I'm only getting 24mo out of last battery for my 2016 Ody EX-L
1-3 of 3 Results