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  1. 2018+ Odyssey
    I have a 2023 Odyssey EX-L, and I just ordered a set of LED bulbs. All of them seem pretty simple to replace other than the center console and the glove box. Are there any good videos on how to do these? The ones I found on YouTube show people completely removing their glove box to replace the...
  2. 2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    My passenger side high beam bulb and DRL(same bulb) burnt out. I replaced it with a brand new 9005 bulb, but it was not working. I thought, well, maybe the socket got burnt out too. So I replaced the socket with a 9005 standard socket. Still not working. The DRL warning light on the dashboard is...
  3. 2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    I am puzzled with this one folks. I am also grateful for any help you can give. The dome light in the 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L is not working. Sounds simple enough but it is ONLY the two lights between the driver and passenger seat. All other lights in the middle and rear rows work great. The...
1-3 of 3 Results