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  1. 1995 - 1998 Odyssey
    My Odyssey has long had an intermittent warm-AC issue, cooling on mild days but not cooling on hot days. A week ago I noticed a squeal the first few seconds I engaged the compressor, and see residue of rubber chaff is being thrown from the rubber part of the clutch. I can turn the clutch by...
  2. 1999 - 2004 Odyssey
    Hello, I found an O2 ( oxygen ) sensor in my garage. It's Denso with etched 43960 01d27 on it. Terminals are male, therefore it would be an upstream sensor. but... the correct part number for 2002 Ody Upstream sensor is 234-4727. I looked for information on 43960 01d27 number, and didn't find...
  3. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    Hey guys I’m new to the forms here, I’m currently enrolled in an autotech program and have been working on cars since I was a small boy but I’m stumped here. My mom has a 2010 Honda Odyssey with 117,xxx miles and a few months ago the original alternator went out. I replaced it with a Bosch...
1-3 of 3 Results