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electrical issues

  1. 2016 Odyssey - After shutoff: dash lights flicker, rapid clicking, dome light turns on, alarm may activate

    Problems and Concerns
    No problems when the car is turned on and running, but after parking and pushing the "off" button the vehicle sometimes acts haunted. Not every time. Sometimes just a little for a minute and then it's quiet. Sometimes it goes on for over half an hour. In each instance, some or occasionally all...
  2. 2018 Odyssey goes into neutral while driving DANGEROUS

    2018+ Odyssey
    I have had nothing but problems with Electrical, car play and more. Coming to a stop the car turns off, not park, engine turns off. The car went into neutral while driving 60 on the freeway. I took it in, they flew a technician in to look at it and said maybe a battery terminal issue as nothing...
  3. 2006 Tranny wiring diagrams or harness pin identification

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    Does anyone know where I can see or print out the above? My '06 Oddy has set a P0717 code that will not stay cleared out even after replacing the input shaft speed sensor. I have also replaced the output shaft speed sensor with a matching sensor, both are B-A parts. I have also did a fluid...
  4. Transmission Problems Help!

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    Today my Beautiful Odyssey let me down :( I have a 2006 Odyssey EXL with about 169k on it. Yesterday while my wife was driving when she took off the van would not get going over 2-30 mph then it wouldn't shift into gear at all. I came to the rescue and took some back roads homes experiencing...
  5. '99 Ody Failure to Start

    1999 - 2004 Odyssey
    I apologize if this post is redundant, but I've scrolled through recent threads and haven't found an exact match for my situation. Was hoping someone with a bit more experience could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance! Our '99 Ody has begun intermittently cutting out - initially...