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  1. Replacing vacuum fuse in secondary under-hood fuse box 2015 Odyssey

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    Anyone know how to remove this long fuse cartridge thing in the secondary under-hood fuse box (located next to the battery)? I'm trying to get to the vacuum fuse located in the third or fourth slot from the top (in this orientation). There's a retention clip on one side and then a copper lead at...
  2. What's the biggest thing you've run off the 110v A/C outlet in the trunk?

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    The manual says: The AC power outlet is designed to supply power for up to 115 volt appliances that are rated 150 watts or less. So, I guess that rules out my Breville Cafe Roma espresso maker, which has a max of 1000w. (I wonder what would break, if anything, if I tried it). Bonus question...
  3. 2008 EX Electrical Issues

    Problems and Concerns
    Hi, I have a major pain with the electrical. 1st issue is with the windows with a mind of their own. the problem started with all windows working intermittently, no ryhme or reason, so I replaced the window master control switch (3X's) 1st time all worked for a short while then back to the same...