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  1. Buying Honda Care with a Certified Pre-Owned

    Warranty Talk
    I’m going to the dealer tomorrow to possibly purchase a 2017 Ody EX-L, certified, with 30k miles but just slightly over 3 years since the in-service date (according to the Carfax). As such, the 3/36 factory end-to-end warranty has expired, but the 12 month/12k certified coverage and the 7y/100k...
  2. Honda Lawsuit Extended Warranty Problems - NEED HELP!

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    Hello everyone, here is the situation my family is in, and we REALLY need advice so I am hoping someone here with more knowledge and experience can read this and help us out. I am going to try to be succinct, while including all necessary information: About a week ago our 2012 Honda Odyssey EX...
  3. HondaCare Vs CNA Vs Geico Service Contract Warranty

    Warranty Talk
    Hello Members, I would like to brainstorm to get better Service Contract warranty to make the life easier with good sleep. I am having 2020 Odyssey EXL-Navi/RES. Mainly looking HondaCare Vs CNA Vs Geico Warranty. Anyone had any claim experience?; kindly share both positive and negative reviews...
  4. Honda Care - Dealerships Willing To Sell for Less Than Retail

    2018+ Odyssey
    I recently picked up a 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring (Canada version, which is substantially equivalent to an Elite in the US). I am looking at Honda Care. Dealer only quoted the “retail price”. I would appreciate input from anyone who has any referrals or experience in obtaining Honda Care at a...
  5. Extended Warrenty for Capital Processing Systems

    Warranty Talk
    Hi Everyone, I am new the forum and see many post regarding extended warranty but did not find what I was looking for. I have a question about extended warranty. I bought honda odyssey 10 day back. It is 2016 Odyssey SE with 32,000 miles. Dealer sold me extended premier warranty from Capital...