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  1. Canadian HondaCare - price and length of term?

    2018+ Odyssey
    Just purchased a 2021 EXL-Res and given how excited my kids are about the sliding doors and RES and the tech, I’m thinking of adding HondaCare to it. Can anyone in the GTA share what they paid for theirs recently and what dealership you went through to get it? We don’t use our vehicles heavily...
  2. Buying Honda Care with a Certified Pre-Owned

    Warranty Talk
    I’m going to the dealer tomorrow to possibly purchase a 2017 Ody EX-L, certified, with 30k miles but just slightly over 3 years since the in-service date (according to the Carfax). As such, the 3/36 factory end-to-end warranty has expired, but the 12 month/12k certified coverage and the 7y/100k...
  3. Honda Care - Dealerships Willing To Sell for Less Than Retail

    2018+ Odyssey
    I recently picked up a 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring (Canada version, which is substantially equivalent to an Elite in the US). I am looking at Honda Care. Dealer only quoted the “retail price”. I would appreciate input from anyone who has any referrals or experience in obtaining Honda Care at a...