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  1. 2018+ Odyssey
    Blu-ray or DVD disc results in ERROR and doesn’t load I’ve tried a dozen clean discs. All fail to load and it says ERROR
  2. 2018+ Odyssey
    Has anyone seen the message, "Unfortunately, has stopped." It popped up on my way to work today, and when you press okay, it disappears for a a second and reappears. It has remained there after restarting the car. My dealership is right next to where I was picking up...
  3. 2018+ Odyssey
    Has anyone received the emails regarding the class action suit? 1) the entertainment system advertised apps that weren't available. 2) we had to have the speaker crackling resolved (for free under warranty) I'm curious what your thoughts are regarding the class action suit?
  4. 2018+ Odyssey
    First off - thanks for taking the time to read this. My wife and I decided to join the Odyssey club last week by buying our first EX-L (2022). Right off the bat we noticed some interesting things but haven't had a chance to address them with the dealer. I wanted to ask here to see if these are...
  5. 2018+ Odyssey
    I just purchased my first Honda ever yesterday. It's the 2021 Odessey Touring. Day 1 and loving it so far. I did manage to sync a chromecast ultra and stream that way, but I was hoping to install the Youtube app natively on the system. Is that possible? Thanks, MyFirstHonda2021
  6. 2018+ Odyssey company recently gave me a 2019 Odyssey LX. As we're all aware, this is the base model vehicle. I have a couple of questions I was wondering if any of you can answer. Question 1: This model doesn't come with the CarPlay ready infotainment display. Is it possible to take a...
  7. 2018+ Odyssey
    Our 2018 Odyssey EX-L has recently developed an issue where the infotainment system will stop working. Sometimes it is the Sirius Radio stops working, along with all the other audio inputs. Usually the rear camera stops working at the same time. The last time, wife was driving and reported that...
1-7 of 7 Results