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  1. 2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    Got it here:
  2. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    Hey, I have a 08 EX-L, and an issue just started happening where my reverse lights stay on all the time. My rear view camera is also on but turns off when the vehicle is turned off. I searched on Google countless times for this and I've only seen that it could be a problem with the reverse light...
  3. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Genuine Honda Parts 08V31-SHJ-100 Honda Odyssey Fog Lights I purchased these fog lights from a Honda authorized dealer in November, 2004 and they have been sitting on a shelf in my garage ever since. I never installed them and the vehicle has been sold a while ago. The box has been opened to...
  4. 2018+ Odyssey
    Looking to get our first Odyssey and I'm trying to understand how the accessories work. It looks like everything is pretty much dealer installed. Has anyone gotten the 'Welcome Light' or 'Logo Pattern Light'? Any feedback on either? Thanks.
  5. 2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    I'm not looking for specific advice, here, but rather general comments and opinions. My wife and I are often driving our van between north central Washington and central British Columbia at night. It's dark and lonely on some of these roads. I've already upgraded the headlights and high beams...
  6. 2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    Hey, all! We purchased a used 2015 Odyssey EX-L and are very pleased with it. The running lights, however, never go off if the van is running. I usually park outside my daughter's classes (at night) and read my book, but the lights are reaching the kids inside the studio. The only way to make...
1-6 of 6 Results