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  1. 2018+ Odyssey
    Hi All, I just recently brought a 2022 Honda Odyssey, When playing around with the SiriusXM app in the car I noticed two things... 1. You are only allow up to 12 presets(3 ribbons). Does anyone know if there is a way to allow more presets? Seems a bit ridiculous that both Sirius and Honda...
  2. 2018+ Odyssey
    In my last vehicle - 2013 Ford Explorer - I was able to set alerts for my favorite songs on Sirius and an alert would pop up to let me know if I wanted to change the station. Is that an option on the 2020 Honda Odyssey? I've had it since March and I haven't found where I can create an alert. TIA.
1-2 of 2 Results