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01 odyssey ignition coils seized

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Last week I got to work on the 01 ody.
The left side center ignition coil was indeed stuck .
The top of the coil was snapped off , just hanging by the copper wire. I can only assume the the guy that looked at it for me broke it or it broke by itself,as I said before I was the only person to ever work on the car.
I spent about 10 or 15 minutes trying to tap and pry it out with a screwdriver. keep in mind that it is flush with the valve cover.
I noticed that it was moving and was able to grab the sleeve with needlenose pliers. luckily it came out after a few pulls.
I replaced all the spark plugs and just the one coil.
All the rest came out with just a little twisting.
I bought the coil from Honda $53.38 and used the NGK platinum sparks plugs $9.89 each at Advance auto
The car now runs BEAUTIFUL.

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Using a small amount of dielectric grease around (NOT filling) the end that goes onto the spark plug helps a lot to avoid this sort of siezure. If you got to much in the hole a q-tip or twisted end of a paper towel can be used to wipe out the excess.

Breakage happens when you try to extract the coil but the spark plug end is stuck to the spark plug. Could also happen if you don't pull it gently at the same angle as the passage way or if you drop it once it's away from the engine block. I disconnect the plug and use a small amount of dielectric grease AROUND not in the female ends of the connector between the black plastic and the blue of the connector inside. REMEMBER a small bead is all that is needed.

When you reinstall the coil be sure the coil is seated over the hole for the bolt that secures it to the block. I rotate mine GENTLY to make sure it's seated properly then place the bolt CAREFULLY rotating it BACKWARDS to line up the threads before tightening.

On the back side of the engine be especially careful not to drop the bolt into the rear of the engine compartment. I did this once and was lucky that the bolt dropped to the ground.
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