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My 02 is drifting to the left. I have to steer right to compensate. I take it in, and my trusty mechanic mentions that this is the second one of the new models he's had in for this problem. First one was a few days ago.

It's the same problem as the right drift issue on earlier models, apparently, and the fix is the same. His comment: "Looks like the overcompensated at the factory; now it drifts the other way."

They loosened the subframe and yanked hard and repositioned it, but we went from a total of 0.6 degrees off to a total of 0.4 degrees off. Not enough to solve the problem.

Two things came out of this today:

1) the plastic shield that covers the subframe assembly now has convenient access holes for accessing the bolts involved in shifting the subframe. Previously, the tech had to remove the plastic shield to get to those bolts. (Is this an indication of something or what?)

2) the 02 service manual mentions very specifically that for a problem like this where you need up to 0.3 degrees change in camber either way, Honda has alternative--thinner--bolts available to give more play in the subframe. My tech ordered them up; we'll see if that really solves the problem.

On a side note, they were rolling some 02 CRVs off the truck while I was there.
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