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02 Ody EX - driver door sticks due to sliding door

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Here's a good one for ya, it's not coming up in my search so I thought I'd post it and see if any gurus have an idea.

The driver's side sliding door (powered) in our '02 Ody EX seems to be closing too tightly. It is difficult to open the driver's door when the sliding door is closed, and little by little each opening pulls the weatherstripping out of the trailing edge of the doorframe where it's binding on the leading edge of the rear door.

Eventually it gets to the point where I have to loosen the screws near the driver's door edge and reseat the molding.

I checked the passenger side and that door opens cleanly, doesn't seem to be binding against the closed leading edge of the sliding door..

Is the "tightness" of the driver side sliding door user adjustable?

Thanks for any ideas!