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2003 Ody EXL A/C now longer cold

The air from the vents is only 60 degrees when set to 60 (full). At the start of spring had the system checked out just due to having to replace the condenser during winter. The system had good pressure then and is still good. The Transistor has been replaced one or two years ago and this problem is not the same type of issue. The fan motor runs at all chosen speeds (auto,1,2,3,4,full).

One of my mechanic friends said the climate control unit itself could be checked for errors by pressing the “auto+mode” buttons at the same time and run through the menus by pressing the “rear defrost” button. But he doesn't know what is an error and whats normal for the Ody.

When I did this test in the drive way I got the following results”
1 = looks like a smilie face
2 = 28
3 = 29
4 = 00
5 = 51
6 = 14
7 = b6
8 = Ab

What do these codes mean and and ideas the vent air temp?

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I believe temperatures are in celcius...

1. Mode Motor Position
2. In-car temperature
3. Ambient temperature
4. Solar radiation Sensor value
5. Engine coolant temperature
6. Evaporator outlet air temperature
7. Air mix opening(in percent)
8. Vent temperature air out
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