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My CEL came on in my '03 EX with 210,000 miles on it. Took it to Auto Zone and it showed the P730 code. Van was running fine, did notice that RPMs in each gear were maybe 100-200 lower that usual. Right before I got to the dealer felt a bit of surging (could see the RPMs move maybe 2-300).

Dealer found the same code and Did the following: tested solenoids, performed pressure test, cleared codes, reset PCM, performed idle learn. Test drove and checked okay.

This is my second tranny. Honda paid for a new part at 132k (I paid the labor). At the time of the first replacement, I was given the impression the Honda rebuild had engineering changes that "fixed' the problem. Based on this, I had the 200k mile service done, plus some brake work recently.

I'm trying to decide, based on this if I should just trade it in ASAP or if I'm flirting with disaster by keeping it and trying to get some more miles out of it to recoup the recent service costs. A salesman I trust at the dealership told me there's probably at least $2,000 difference in trade in with a functional transmission vs. without for this vehicle.

Appreciate any thoughts.
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