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New here!!

We have a 2003 Odyssey that we bought new in January 2003 and now has 102k miles. Love her, love her, love her. Had an engine mount replaced at 90k, 18 months ago. Brought her in this morning for similar symptoms and the same mount we just replaced has gone bad, only 12k miles and 18 months later. The Honda dealership service department say that the warranty on the part is only 12 months. Is there anything we can do to get them to help with the cost of this replacement? It's about $500. It just doesn't make sense that the first one lasted 90k miles and the second one lasted only 12k miles.

Yes, I know that we can do it ourselves but DH is not really comfortable working on cars and me, no chance.

Thanks SO MUCH in advance!!


P.S. She's still on her original transmission - knock on wood!!
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