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Hey Folks,
Happy Holidays to you all!

I've been browsing the forums intensely ever since I’ve purchased my 03 Odyssey with about 32K miles.
I am looking do as much preventive maintenance so that my odyssey lasts as long as possible.

My 03 Odyssey has about 32,000 miles. I want to get a Ebay link for 4544 Tru-cool cooler

I don't want to over cool my transmission so I will be getting this thermostat:1060 Remote Oil Thermostat with 3/8" NPT (int) Ports

Do I need to get other/more hardware for it?
I would also like to add a spin on filter and put a very strong magnet at the bottom:B&M Spin on filter from Ebay

Can I add a spin on filter for the power steering as well? Will I need a thermostat for it?
A power steering cooler:Derale Cooling Products 13212 Fluid Cooler, Power Steering, Tube and Fin, Aluminum, Copper

Have I missed anything? Will I need any additional hardware or hoses?
I will be filling and draining ATF often. I'll try to do this every oil change.

Is there anything you would do differently?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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