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05 Honda odyssey exl with nav but no oem subwoofer

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Hello, last week I installed a 12” 300peak 250 rms Rockford punch I ran 8ga wire for power and ground and a small ga for rem power , I used a rca speaker converter off Amazon for the signal wires connected your the right rear speaker wires. I ran power right from the battery to the sub with an inline fuse, and grounded to the bottom bolt of the middle seat belt as a ground. Well the sub would randomly rumble, even if the head unit was off. So I switched the ground to under the left side passenger running board( sanded very very very well before adding ground). The rumble still remained. So I got rid of the rca converter and got straight sneaker wire to rca wires, that did not change the issue. So I ordered a new sub to see it that would help. It didn’t. I changed both power and ground wires to 4ga and ran speaker wires into the subs high input instead of low. Also no change the rumble still randomly happens even if the head unit is off. Wondering what the heck I do now… I’m lost and tired of spending money on this

i tried unplugging the inputs completely from the amp and went on an hour drive with no rumble now wondering what that means as well
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You have VCM. That comes with ANC. ANC stands for active noise cancellation. That is most likely causing your issue.
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