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The wife's primary car is an 05 Odysseus which we generally adore. No AWD, with PAX (including separate set of factory wheels/snow tires), but, nonetheless, it has generally operated swimmingly among recalls et al for our family. We are fans.

Finally tipped over 100k recently and, naturally, have found new strange vibes.

First, the brake master cylinder was replaced under recall/warranty - worried that some heat shields or other metal shrouds were reinstalled askew causing mechanical vibrations at certain low speeds. One issue.

More annoying, is transmission or engine vibration at highway speeds under low/nominal loads whilst in ECO (Economy) mode. Under the slightest of uphill grades, the vehicle will shudder audibly and to the touch (butt dyno) until it shifts out of ECO mode, then it will run fine.

Read elsewhere this may be due to bum rear motor mounts.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Mpls, MN
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