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'06 Brakes

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OK, so, new to the forum, GREAT to see all the info out there.
Have to ask, since I cannot find (quickly)what I am looking for, my 06 EX- put new front pads on it, to remedy a mild occasional squeal, and it did not fix the problem. Van has 77k on it, third set of pads, first (and disc's)was under TSB at 20K second about a year ago at 65k, now it sounds like the wear indicator is warning, but its not. Pads are AutoZone Gold, discs are same, but not replaced this time, they are last year.

Does this have to do with the retainer clip and that "pressure spring" on them? My freinds All Data does not show the retianer clip with that "spring"

I'm at a loss, and my regular help is also.

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Hi Doug - another Newbie here so I can see that you must be disappointed in not getting any help (same here). I'm not sure about your retainer/spring question but in other cars over the years with a brake squeal, I have helped the problem by putting something like an anti seizure/WD-40 on the back of the pad. Good luck and hopefully this will "kick start" you to finding the real answer. Harold

Use a bit of anti-squeal where the pistons meets the brake pad.

FYI, I have abandoned shims for a long time as I don't believe in using shims.
If the pads come with shims, tuck it away in the garage for the moment (just in case you need to use it). But I doubt you will ever need the shims, if you use the anti-squeal compound.
I am also dealing with this problem but with the rear brakes currently. We went through a set of pads in about 8 months. Had it in the dealer for an oil change a while back and they stated the caliper was sticking.
So that is where I am today. I am replacing both rotors, calipers and pads. hope this fixes the back.
I also had the loud squeal in the front. I took everything apart and sprayed the anti squeal on them. Helped some but did not fix.
Follow Up

Ok, so I spent the weekend doing the holiday, family thing, 400+mi and good seat time. Only when I was on the way home yesterday, early in the trip, but not right away, and only for like 20 minutes did it act up.

I think I am going to have a friend look at the rears and check about the sticking problem, when I did the rears a bit ago(60k?), they really did not look like they wore evenly, but when this started, I looked at them and I did not see anything unusual, so... I may not have the expertise to diagnose the problem, and really, since it's out of warranty, want to stay away from the dealer.
uneven wear was the determining factor for me to change the calipers. both sides were bad, the passenger was gone, complete grenade. the driver side inner pad was gone outer was decent so there was so serious problems happening.

Like I said earlier changed everything calipers rotors pad, bleed brakes its a night and day difference right now. the old lady is happy with the outcome and family feels safe again.
Many times folks neglect the guide pins when servicing brakes; I know I did on my previous brake job. Now I make it a habit to remove, inspect and re-lube them every time I replace the brake pads. Here are the pins from my rear brakes (2004 Ody) vs the new replacements. One pin had seized in the bracket ... you can probably guess which one.

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