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06 LX veers to the right (no brake)

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Even after an alignment has been performed and rechecked by a 2nd mechanic. It's even worse when I apply the brakes. It is a very hard veering at just about any speed and if I don't adjust with the wheel I'll go in the next lane (or off the road). And like I said, when coming to a stop it is exaggerated even more and I have to compensate steering accordingly to maintain my lane.

Where do I start? My buddy says I probably need new rotors (pads have life left in them...8 I believe is the number all of them measured at last inspection). He is happy to replace my rotors for me, but I am afraid I will just ruin those with whatever is causing this veering (shimmy?).

Thanks for any help or ideas.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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