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The doors and the DVD can be related... the RES is somehow linked with the doors via the accessory fuse box under the hood and also the accessory wire that attaches to the battery cable.

I know this because one time when someone replaced my battery, the accessory wire got loose and the doors worked sporatically and the dvd screen and some of my sound wouldn't work also wouldn't work. If they did remove the battery, you might check the wire and make sure it isn't loose, but if your doors are working great, probably unlikely.

There is also a fuse that is under the hood in a little accessory fuse box on the passenger side. It isn't the big one... it's above that... like 2 inches by 4 inches... inside that there is a fuse for the RES. It is 7.5A on the far right. Check that.

That's all I got! Good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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