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To the point question: does the refrigerant pressure switch have an o-ring?

Long version:
My '07 EX air started blowing hot, the compressor clutch was not engaging. The system was holding good pressure and showed no signs of leaking. A friend with a shop tested and verified that it was getting the signal to enage and stated it was probably the clutch coil.

Another friend insisted that I should have the pressure switch tested/bypassed before I replaced the coil or compressor.

He recommended a shop that told me they could check it without venting the system. They also said clutch/compressor problem.

I opted to do brain surgery on the compressor and changed the clutch coil without removing the compressor.

When testing, the clutch still didn't engage, so I checked the freon and found it empty. I tried to add freon and immediately noticed it venting at the seam where the refrigerant pressure switch screws in. I tried to tighten it to no avail. I pulled it to see if the line was cracked or if the threads were messed up. Nothing noticeable. But it made me wonder if it was suppose to have an o-ring that the shop may have lost.

Thanks for any opinions.

Another friend said it might be the pressure switch
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