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09 Odyssey Clock wrong

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Guys, I know we might be beating a dead horse here, but I've disconnected the battery several times and when you enter the codes the time comes up, it's wrong, but the clock has been running because it shows a couple of minutes later after the last time I cycled the battery. Sooo, the clock has it's own power source, and my question is, where is it? I feel if I can disable the clock's internal battery, I might be able to get somewhere setting the clock. I'm thinking there may be a cmos battery on a board somewhere,, maybe the pcm or the radio? Anybody got any ideas? Thanks!!
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The only way this is possible is if you have the NAV equipped Odyssey. You can go over the large sticky related to the date/clock woes of NAV equipped odysseys.

If you do not have a NAV ody, private message me and I will reopen this thread. We are not allowing the known date/clock related threads over here as there is a single mega thread on this issue and a fix in it.

And no. Neither the NAV equipped, nor the non-NAV equipped Odyssey clocks have a battery backed power source. Leave it disconnected for an hour and you will see it will come back at 1:00 no matter what the time of the day is. In fact, that was a temp fix while the clock issue was there which was fixed last month.
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