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Hit 1000 miles on Friday, October 19, 2001 at 6:10 PM (not that I'm paying attention). Some observations about my 02 SS LX Odyssey:


Powerful engine, effortless acceleration to 60+ MPH.
Cargo space
Color (no paint problems on this SS LX)
LATCH anchor hooks. So much easier to put a child seat in.
"Magic" seat.


LX Upholstery. The more I look at it, the cheaper I think it looks.
Carpet. Not as "plush" as I would have expected.
Potenza RE92 OEM tires. Not because they're bad tires, but because I've yet to find anyone in Hawaii who carries them in stock.
5W-20 oil. Similar problem as the tires, although I did see some Pennzoil dino 5W-20 at K-Mart. No synthetics yet.

Other general Ody observations:

Why is the spoiler black and not matched to the paint color?
How about more inside lights, ie, glovebox, hood.
Sunroof option would be nice.

Oh yeah, now I'm just ranting but: Honda, how about educating your sales people on your products. Sure, the Odyssey pretty much sells itself now, but, my experience has shown that the Honda dealers are getting downright lazy, and have a "take it or leave it attitude".

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Why is the spoiler black and not matched to the paint color?
I have a 92 Civic Si; part of that package at that time meant body-colored mirrors and door handles. Great. That's also a general part of the EX package overall.

The body coloring of the mirrors also involves the mirror mount. That was also part of the overall EX package.

I've noticed that Honda has switched things a bit. Probably to save money, the mirror mount is now black plastic--instead of body colored.

So now we have body colored mirrors on the EX, but they're set off from the body by the black plastic mirror mount. It looks like they're floating, if you ask me. And I don't like it, not one little bit.

I looked at the 02 CRV, and it's the same thing.

Cheap. Petty and cheap. I'd rather have black plastic mirrors instead of body colored ones if they're going to do that, especially on my silver van where the black accents actually look good.
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