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I posted this on Yahoo, but figured I'd put it here, too:

I bought the 10 disc OEM changer from Autotoys for $259. w/ free shipping. It turned out to be a Kenwood ten disc changer w/ a third party adapter. I was expecting to mount it under the driver's seat, until Trevor posted the instructions for the sub (his first one is currently enroute to me). So I started looking at where else I could mount the changer. While I didn't want to give up the underseat drawer, It seemed the passenger seat was the only practical place. I rationalized it by saying that since the changer had a cartridge, I would fill it in the house and leave the cases home. therefore, I would gain back the center bin, which had been full of discs in cases. So, I decided to mount it there. I removed the drawer, and drawer bracket. To make it easier, I removed the right middle row seat, unbolted the front seat, and tipped it back. Using nuts and bolts, and 4 flat brackets from home depot, I suspended the changer from the 4 holes at the top of the seat base, which would hold the navigation system bracket, if I had NAV. I have the accessory cassette player, so the changer has to piggy back off that.

One thing about the changer is that the instructions say move the protocol switch to "0", but I couldn't find the switch, just the space where it should be. I sent an email to Autotoys describing the situation. They got right back to me saying to look with a bright light. The switch is inside, and you need to move it with a paperclip. In the Kenwood book, it looked like the switch was right there, but indeed, it is a microswitch about 1/2 inch behind the hole.

It works great. Unexpectedly, the display works for discs 7-10. I was sure I had seen, somewhere on the Autotoys site, that it wouldn't. Disc 10 shows up as 0, which is fine by me. Also the steering wheel control works to change tracks. Using the two key combo to access discs 7-10 is a little funky. It doesn't always seem to work, I guess the timing has to be just right, and I have trouble imagining doing it while driving, but then again, you can just let it play, and it will get to everything.

Next, the Subwoofer....
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