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I just got back from the dealer who worked on my sliding doors - again. And did not know if everyone knew that the service bulletin on 1999-2000 LX Odyssey sliding door difficulties had been updated on 11/2001.

The bulletin now corrects the opening problems by also replacing of the upper subseal along with the door weatherstrip.

Ah yes, there is catch; the subseals are in short supply and there is wait for the replacement parts.

RE - Service Bulletin 00-091 dated 11/20/2001 which supersedes 00-091 dated 11/21/2000.


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I was given a copy of the first page of the service bulletin. I asked the service tech how I could make sure the required replacement parts would be ordered and in for the repair when I planned to get the repair done in a couple of months. He gave me the information so I could tell the service appointment people exactly what parts where needed for my appointment.

For everyone info here is most of the first page of the service bulletin. I think I got all the numbers right.

<font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial">

<font size="+2">HONDA      Service Bulletin    00-091</font>
Applies To: 1999-01 Odyssey LX - All                   November 20,2001
<font size="+1">Manual Sliding Door Is Difficult to Open</font>
(Supersedes 00-091, dated November 21, 2000)


One or both of the manual sliding doors are difficult to


The sliding door opening trim (weatherstrip) or the
subseal (body side) sticks to the door and makes it
difficult to open.


All 1999, and 2000 thru VIN 2HKRL185, YH624124120:
Replace the weatherstrip and subseal (REPAIR

NOTE: Some of these vehicles have already had the
weatherstrip replaced. Check the vehicle's repair
history on the DCS before beginning repairs.

2000 above VIN 2HKRL185, YH624124120, and all 2001:
Replace the subseal (REPAIR PROCEDURE B).


Left Sliding Door Weatherstrip:
  P/N 72850-SOX-A13, H/C 6616858

Right Sliding Door Weatherstrip:
  P/N 72810-SOX-A13, H/C 6616866

Left Subseal:
  P/N 72865-SOX-A01, H/C 5934070

Right Subseal:
  P/N 72825-SOX-A01, H/C 5934005

B-Clip (two required):
  P/N 72827-SOX-A01, H/C 5934013


3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner:
  3M P/N 051135-08984

Shin-Etsu Silicone Grease:
  P/N 08798-9013, H/C 4642294

(warranty clain info, and small print) ...

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Well, the door seals were replaced yesterday, and they operate much better than they ever have. Too bad we had such terrible service, however. I really am unaware as to how long the fix takes, since we turned ours in at 7:15 a.m. and were given a completion time of 2:00 p.m. When my husband was told to come by the dealers at 2:00 to pick it up, surprise, surprise, they hadn't even started it! I guess they "overlooked" us and the service person only assumed it would be done due to the estimated time given in the morning. After a major chewing out that included comparisons of them to our local Dodge dealership's service department, the job was begun by 2:30 and finished by 3:30. Seems they didn't take a liking to the comparison to Dodge.

In terms of time, I was told the door seal replacement is a one to two hour job. But make sure your dealer has the parts in stock. Of course, ours were supposed to have been ordered after our 7,500 mile checkup on December 5, but I hadn't heard anything from them. On January 3, I called them to remind them about it, and the parts order had never been placed! When they were ordered, they were in the shop the in two days.

The door seals are much better. I just hope our next experience at the dealer is much better, too!
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