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Just took my ODY in for it's 15000 mile checkup (actually 15500, but who' counting right?) My brakes were bad, but we'll get back to this in a few.

I pointed out to the Service department a few small things that bothered me:

1) Brake Light in center of tailgate was out. When attempting to check on bulb per brake light thread in this club, I broke off the plactics lens cover. (DOH!)

2) My rear glove compartment door had broken off and lost a pin.

3) Weather stripping off of wing on tailgate was hanging down.

4) The fender wheel liner in driver's front wheel well had a crack.

Just a note that these things will all be fixed under warranty (the first three are done, the fourth one is waiting for the piece to arrive)

Now the brakes. I had this bad squealing the past week and a half fron the front drivers side. I took my rim off and my brake pad was right on top of the rotor. When I took it in for the checkup, I had bad brakes. Does this sound normal for a new car? Granted I am a more aggressive driver now that I have a V6 with some pickup, but brakes already?!

Anyway, that's my 15500 update on the ODY.
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