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Set of 4, 5 DOUBLE SPOKE Acura TL rims, 17x8, direct from manufacterer Honda Inc (not generic! still has barcode). These mint condition rims can be used to DePAX Honda Odyssey runflat rims and tires. I purchased these originally to do just that, but sold the Honda before I drove on them. From my personal<br>
experience having the Odyssey Touring and the difference between driving PAX/non-PAX, there is a huge improvement in ride quality, (unfortunately the stock touring rims can only be used on PAX runflats). <br>
I had another set of 17" rims and tires on my Odyssey before buying these (which I sold my Odyssey before installing) and the ride was much much<br>
more smoother, turning was a lot more easier, etc. Not to mention replacing the tires will save you over $200 each tire; and the crazy thing is that only special authorized michelin dealers have the equipment necessary to replace them (not too helpful if you get a flat doing a family roadtrip). I've done tons of reseach into PAX, Honda forums, (i.e., Odyclub, etc. are really helpful), from which Touring owners have said the same thing. You can still use your current TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) devices on these Acura rims, you can use your Honda center cap on these. Also there is room for a spare in the back trunk space of the Odyssey. These rims can also be used on many BMW vehicles as well.

Below are links that show the picture of the rims along with specs, which match Odysseys perfectly. They are 2011 Acura TL stock rims.

17 Acura TL Wheel Rim - 71785 [71785] - $189.95 : The Wheel Warehouse Inc., Your Source for Factory Original Rims - Call us at (800)941-6400[/url]

The general prices go from 200 to 189 a rim ($800-$756 total). Get them in just as good condition for $450 obo!!

Call, text, or email JON @ 602-754-2542, email [email protected]


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