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First off, I would like to say howdy, this is my first time here. Did some researching and didn't really find exactly what I was looking for, so figured I would ask it here, as it seems as there are a ton of knowledgeable people here.

Been looking for a van for a while, and a co-worker, (ugh, hate buying a car from a friend, it never works out) is selling her 1997. She mentioned it to me, I did some research on the web, and it looks that it is a pretty solid car in general. My plan is to take it to my mechanic and see if he notices anything wrong. This is what she emailed me about it:

1997 Honda Odyssey- 160,000 miles
Some rust- - 3 little spots
All new brakes (pads and rotors) 3 of 4 calipers new.
2 sets of wheels- alloys with summer, steel with studded
Will need 2 new summers, 2 new winter tires
ABS light is on- had it checked, one sensor is bad, they can't tell which- we left it.
Rear seat stows away, middle folds up against front seats
Includes Yakima rack and fairing
Tow hitch (1 1/4)
23-25 MPG
4 cylinder
Front driver and passenger airbags
Timing belt was done at ~110,000
New battery

There are some stains in the inside (not really concerned) and the little rust spots aren't that bad. Heck, I live in New England. New cars roll off the dealer lots with rust on them.

So, my question here, am I nuts to not buy this thing for 2 grand? Another friend has a 2010 and he said its dumb not to buy it, but figured it was worth asking more than one opinion

Thanks in advance for the info, and if I do buy it, look for me to be getting involved in the forums a lot more.


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I'd buy it for $2k. I bought my "95 LX in pristine mechanical and cosmetic condition from a retired couple who had it since new for just over $3000 a few months back. Good cars.

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These are very good cars, but only if they were properly maintained. Mine has 187k on it, and I know exactly what was done to it because it was purchased new back in '96 by another family member.

FYI; The ABS sensors are kinda pricey. They go for between $105 to $126 each for the rears, and the fronts are around $126 each (plus shipping). Buying them used is a total waste of money because you might be purchasing a sensor that's on the brink of destruction. Besides, the old sensors usually self-destruct when removing. has about the best prices out there for them.

Look in HostileJava's website above to see the ABS Procedure I typed out a few years ago telling you how to diagnose a faulty ABS Sensor. It really isn't hard at all to do.

Small rust spots shouldn't be too much to worry about, but I recommend sading them down the best you can and spraying some primer on them before they get worse.

For 2k though, I'd probably buy it.
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