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1998 Transmission Replacement

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Hello Everyone, i found a new transmission for my 98 LX-7 from a 2001 accord, i was told that a shop needs to do the installation, they said the computer needs to be flashed or the transmission will have the same problem as the original, does anyone know if this is true? It sounds like a load but i've never replaced a transmission before so i am not sure if he is right. I am looking to do this in the next two weeks so any assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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I would recommend buying a transmission from the same model of odyssey you have, nothing newer than 1998.
Ok, i did find another transmission from a 98, so that should work, just bolt it up and go? I'm excited to get the Ody on the road again!
You can also use the trannys from the '98-'99 Isuzu Oasis.
Finally found a replacement transmission! Should be able to pick it up in the next day or two and it should be installed soon, it is from a 98 ex Accord, does anyone know if the computer needs to be flashed or anything? The junk yard guy said just bolting it up isn't enough, does anyone have any experience with this situation?
how much the transmission that you've got from the junkyard?
It was $775 plus $50 for the core so $825, pretty decent, thats what they seem to go for usually at least around the Portland/Metro area
Correct me if I am wrong, but that trans can't be re-flashed. It needs to be replaced with a new part. :confused:
Wha? You mean i have to get a new ecu/computer for the transmission?
Severity said:
Wha? You mean i have to get a new ecu/computer for the transmission?
Sorry, but yeah. MAybe another poster can chime in, but that computer is replace only, not-reprogrammable.
I do have a service manual for my 98, that info should be in it, right? Or does this issue only pertain to an accord to odyssey transmission swap? I wish i knew more....
Severity, this is definitely an issue for Overboostin. He should have the answer you are looking for. Give him a PM. If that doesn't work then give me a PM and I will get you in touch with him.
Awesome, thanks, i will
Ok, here is the latest update on the saga of the transmission replacement, Overboostin replied to my PM and said there was no reflash needed, a buddy of the guy installing the transmission works at honda and he checked and said there was no reflash needed. Last Friday night i brought it over around 7pm. Beforehand i asked if he could replace the timing belt/water pump/front seals/rear main seal and he did, he was done by 9am Saturday morning, i picked it up 7 pm Saturday evening and its been driving great ever since. The only issue that came up was an axle seal that was torn accidently, i picked up a new one on the way to pick it up and he installed it in less than an hour. I've put at least 200 miles on it so far and its been driving great, no more giant clunking when coming to a stop, and a bunch of maintenance was taken care of. Still have the oil cooler o ring and the rotor and cap but the tall wagon is on the road again! Thanks for the confirmation about the TCU from Overboostin!
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That is great news! I am so glad to hear it.
Thanks! Its running great, got tags and insurance and i've been driving it to work everyday. I'm extremely happy to have it back and so is my family!
It is with a heavy heart that i report that i am having transmission problems with the van again :(. About 6 weeks ago it started clunking into 1st after coming to a complete stop, then about a month ago i was driving the van for around 2 hours and it started slipping into gear really bad, clunking into 2nd and 3rd. I have performed 2 drain and fills since it started acting up again, the first time the drain plug had about a 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch layer of gunk on the drain plug, cleaned it off, on the second drain and fill there was gunk but nearly as much. I had about a week between those d&fs, i just did a drain on the transmission but haven't filled it back up yet, there was gunk on the drain plug but not as much again. On the current d&f i had driven the van about 2.5 hours before draining. The fluid smells pretty hot, almost burnt. I am wondering if this issue might be caused by the radiator not cooling the fluid enough, maybe the fluid path is blocked, or something. The radiator fluid had looked rusty, i drained the radiator about 2 months ago and refilled, it looks better but is not perfect, thats why i am considering the radiator as a culprit. The temp gauge always stays at the same level once warmed up, when i blast the heat in the van it gets really hot, i imagine one could burn their skin if exposed long enough. I was thinking of replacing the radiator and the thermostat just to be safe, i was also thinking of pulling the trans hoses from the radiator and using a hand pump to force fluid through, maybe its blocked? Maybe i need to check the solenoids on this new tranny? Does anyone have any ideas? I am thinking of taking it back to the gentleman that installed it to see if he has any ideas. Sorry for the long post!
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sad to here it did not last.. the 98 and 99 accords had the problems with failing , in oo and o1 they did get better (from my point swaped my accord and few friends with the 00-01 tranny and never had problems .......
witch ever tranny you get be sure to get a new torque converter
just to let you know, there are 3 filter screens in the solenoids which can get clogged up and restrict the flow and cause clunking into gear. I wrote a post about it around 3 years ago in the 95-98 forum. It solved the problem.

Also I eventually rebuilt mine after one of the solenoids went out, thinking it was the transmission. Found some worn clutches, a lot of gunk in the valve body. But reused the Torque Converter after multiple rinses with naptha till it was clear of metal filings.

That was a over 50K miles ago. Still runs as smooth as if it was new.
Oops, never got a new torque converter with the new tranny, oh well, lol, i did know about the solenoid screens, i had replaced the a, b and c solenoids on the old tranny with no luck, earlier today (2 hours ago) i pulled the a, b and c solenoids, b and c were fine, screens were clean and i was able to connect them to the battery and they clicked on, awesome, checked the a/lock up solenoid and the screens were quite gunked up, ah ha! Cleaned the screens (don't have a replacement gasket/screen), reinstalled, disconnected the tranny connections to the radiator and pumped fluid through it, it did come out the other side so that was good, put it all back together, just got back from driving it for about 1.5 hours, it still clunks into 1st when coming to a stop but it shifts into 2nd and 3rd much better than before, i am going to drive it to Portland tomorrow and we'll see how it does, i think i might want to check the a/lockup solenoid in a month and see if there is anymore gunk, thanks for the replies!
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