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As cash flow is a little low and I'm at home for the weekend with the 3 kids whilst the wife is having a weekend in Oz I thought I'd replace the timing belt on our 4 cylinder Vtec Oddy.

I took the family for a drive this morning to see if any of the local garages had the tool for holding the crank shaft pulley while you undo the nut. No one had heard of one! Eventually my neighbor lent me a Makita Tool to hammer the nut off. This worked a treat!

Now My question is "how does the bottom half of the cover come out?" I've unbolted it and it's loose. The top engine mount is removed as is the top cover. Do I have to drop the engine out of the bottom partially?

On a different note: I replaced all the springs last year as the kids have got older and granny was coming on the holiday too. We did 4000 kilometers over 3 weeks with a trailer and 6 passengers. The new springs were made in Christchurch and the same ride height but Heavy Duty! I highly recommend the upgrade as your kids get older. Non of them got car sick like they used to.

Look forward to some advice about the Cam Cover.

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