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After many years of enjoying my Ody, I need to let it go. I had a shop rebuild the transmission about 18 months ago, but I think they did a terrible job - they re-did the rebuild 5 weeks later [slipping out of gear] and it never really felt right. Now it's dying again, out of warranty of course. Reverse is gone, as is 4th. So it drives good, as long as you're fine with 3rd gear being as fast as you go. About 235k miles on the frame/engine.

It's a Texas vehicle all its life, belonged to a geologist down near Corpus Christi as its first owner, I am the second and have had for 5 years. All body parts and engine are great. The exterior paint clearcoat is starting to peel, but the cloth dark grey interior is very nice. Excellent pro-tinted windows, great AC, all windows work, new brakes, new struts all around and new tires with about 10,000 on them. New alternator, 1 year old battery. CRV alloy wheels. roof-rack. good blue-tooth stereo in it.

i've loved having this thing, but I can't put another transmission into it. I'll pass it on, best offer.

Location, North Texas - about 40 miles north of Downtown Dallas along US75. Will post pics Aug 12 when I get back from a business trip.

text 214-88two-7091 work cell. if you call, be sure to leave a voicemail - i don't answer unknown #; too many robo-dialers out there.
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