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I've had my 2nd Ody for 4 months now & find that I'm missing my old one ! I had a 2003 EX for 2.5 yrs & was totaled in an accident in Feb 2011. Replaced it with a 2007 EXL-RES & while the interior 'upgrades' are nice, I miss the gas mileage of the '03 !! Got 24-25 mpg w/ the '03 & am barely getting 21 mpg w/ the '07 !! I've put 10k miles on the '07 already so I do lots of highway driving !! Don't like the ECO mode either ! Feel a 'skipping' while the ECO mode is engaged & 2 Honda dealers say it's normal or they can't feel anything ! It may be normal but it's 'annoying' !! Wish I could disengage the ECO mode as it's doing nothing for my gas mileage. Would appreciate any tips to get better gas mileage !
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