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$2000 cashback - Sept 2011 - advice on buying in Canada

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Just bought my 2011 EX-L RES last month, thought I was getting a great deal with $2,000 off. Now I see Honda Canada is offering the $2000 cashback discount.

If anyone is buying now, remember that the discount is coming from Honda, not the dealership so that's independent of whatever you're able to negotiate with the dealership.

My advice is to call or visit every dealership within a reasonable driving area and speak directly to the sales manager to negotiate. Unlike our American cousins, having the invoice price doesn't mean they will sell to you at cost or just above cost, there's not enough dealership density and availability unlike in California to give us those kind of deals.

I also didn't get much help from the various Cdn car brokers that advertise on the car forums - you know the ones that give you so-called free invoice price reports to lure you in. In general, 8% off MSRP is invoice price.

The job of the car salesman is to maximize his profit whereas the sales manager's job is to maximize the dealerships profit. The car salesman doesn't actually know the lowest price he can sell a car to you - that decision rests on the sales manager.

I sent off dozens of emails to Cdn sales managers/fleet manager/internet managers etc and most did not respond or came back with bogus pricing, most of the US sales managers did respond within 24hrs with competitive offers. In Canada car sales are still done 1980's style. When I phoned, 50% of the sales managers wanted me to talk to their salesman first - involve the middle man and your price goes up. Also, only negotiate on stock the dealer has on hand, if he has to do a trade with another dealer it adds minimum $300 to your purchase price.

My point is that you can read all the postings on the competitive process and if it was written by Americans you'll probably find it doesn't apply here. But that doesn't mean you have to pay anything close to MSRP.

Hope this helps.