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Hello all,

I have 2000 Honda Odyssey, LX model bought new in 07/2000, currently have 62,500 Miles. I have done Oil changes every 3k-4K miles. Also have done some services at Honda Dealership 7500, 15,000, 30,000, 43,000, 57,000, (Services A, C, D). Aldo changed battery, did break at 57,000 front and back Drums also replaced. Have Put brand new tires last week wheel alignment is also done at local tire dealer. It will be 11 yrs old on 07/2011, tire dealer told me that serpentine belt is going bad, my local garage mechanic stated that TB and whole package should be done on 90,000 miles.

Should I get TB, water pump, hoses, sepentine belt, coolant, Powersteering, spark plugs all replaced. I will be doing this at local mechanic or at dealer depends on price difference. Would you suggest anything else. Van has never failed on me.

Please advise, your input will be greatly appreciated.

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