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Hi folks! Well, before we sold our 2000 Odyssey, we had a problem with the driver's side door. In my rush to fix it, I bought BOTH motors that work to close the door - the one that slides the door open/closed and the one that pulls the latch shut. I ended up needing ONLY the motor that pulls the latch shut.

Therefore, I have for sale the motor that slides the driver's side power door open and closed. I purchased this directly from a VERY large salvage yard in NC that specialized in Honda parts. It cost me $153 at the time.

We replaced our Odyssey and now I need to sell this perfectly good motor. Just to clear it out, I'll sell it for $50 plus actual shipping cost. They are showing on ebay between $105 and $216, though there's not an actual picture so I suspect the ones for $105 are actually the lock actuator motor, not the sliding motor.

Please reply to this thread or PM me. I can provide pictures as well, no problem. Thanks!
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