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2000 Ody with rust through inside wheel wells

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I have a 2000 Ody with 168,000. Runs great. Noticed on my last long trip that the whole back area was soaked, 2 hr trip in the rain. Looked around and found in the wheel wells where the achor point is for the folding back seat is rusted thru. You can see the Plastic on the inside of the van from outside the wheel well. Do I bring it to a body shop have them cut out all the rust and weld new wells in place??? I would think that's gonna be a pretty penny since it's right near the gas tank~:nothappy:
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Sounds like you need some custom fabrication all right. ($$) After it's done, apply rust preventive outside and undercoat inside to keep it solid.

Any car driven in the salt belt should have annual Krown or RustCheck treatment to keep the body from rusting out like this.
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