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Hello all you Od-people! Just found this site, after googling P0420 codes on my Ody. It has 153,817 miles, I am second owner (late 2001 w/55K). It has been a great car! From CO we drive to Phoenix, AZ, Louisville, Ky, Austin, TX, all over California, etc, at least two long trips a year. Not that 150K is all that much, 100K in nine years, rest of time wife drives our two daughters (7 and 10) around local.

I am a DIYer, a helicopter mechanic for 27 years and three gihugic toolboxes in my garage. I do the oil/filter every 5K or five months, whichever comes first, rotate wheels every other. Regular Mobil 5W-30 (not Mobil One) user since my first car in 1983, still use the stuff. If changed often enough, never a problem, ever (a few cars in that time, usually Euro, a couple American, hate them). Tranny fluid and Air filter at 30K, no problems noted yet. Unusual, as I read the forums. Motor mounts no problem. Have not thought of Cabin Air Filter until reading the procedures given in one thread. Did I mention it has 150K? It was in schedule, blew it off. I had to cut the plastic bar off myself, previous owner did not do it either, filter would not let much light in when held to the sky...oops. Opted for $20 cheapo filter as opposed to better $30 element. Never noticed any cabin odors, heat and AC were never suspect, we'll see if any difference noted next couple drives in town.

The code thing, I doubt I will rush out and replace cat. Reset using OBD2 tester, came back on during my trip back from Cali over Turkey Day, about 120 miles later at first fuel stop. Ran top grade feul rest of 440 miles, light stayed on. Did get better mileage with higher octane fuel (26.5 vs 22 mpg with 87). No other codes flashed but this one. Will play with it a bit (meaning, maybe by next year). I mentioned I am a mechanic, they usually have worst movers on road. In Colorado, my county have sniffer vehicles along roadsides, my car passed emissions without a garage visit. Again, lucky.

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