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My 2000 LX AC was working great, only problem was I had just the 2 top speeds. I knew it was the transister / blower assembly that needed replaced. I bought it to put on , but my son droe the van last week to Florida.

When he returned he told me that the AC stopped getting cold that morning, after driving about 4 hrs.

I replaced the blower resistor assembly that I got from Honda ($ 106 OUCH), and I now have all 4 speeds. Only problem is, I dont have cold air.:DD

Can someone please guide me as to what might be the issue.

I am new to the site and love it. I used it to hepl replace the assembly in 15 minutes, would have been clueless without the site.


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The AC system probably has just developed a leak.
If you haven't pumped any new R134a into the AC, then there is not enough R134a left.
The compressor turns on and then off quickly b/c the pressure is too low.

Check for leaks at the valves on the low and high pressure service ports.
Do you see oil inside the ports ?
Do you see oil under the plastic caps ?
Turn on the AC and see if oil droplets are spewing from the port.

If you don't have the equipments to check pressure then bring it to a shop.
Some times a shop would have a coupon where they'll do a free leak detection.
Don't pump any stop-leak chemical into the AC.
The shop will not service your AC if there's stop-leak in it.

Let us know what happens.

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I have a similar issue (2000 LX w 186k miles). Dealer wanted to replace the a/c suction line and recharge for $370. I said no thanks. Worst case, I'll have them do it in the spring, but meantime I'll look into doing it myself. If anyone has replaced this line before, I'd appreciate any advice or cautionary comments they have to offer. I figure I should have to worry about any evacuation, considering the thing blows nothing resembling cold air at this time.

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