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2001 Fogs & Sub in a '99 ody ??? ??? ???

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I need some confirmation that the 2001 Fog Lights and Kelton Subwoofer will work in a '99 model.

On april, I ordered both accessories from Trevor and delayed the installation until this week. Yesterday, I had a dealer try installing the fog and sub. But the service rep told me that the sub will definitely NOT work with my 99. While the fogs will need another "wiring kit" designed for the 99 model. They were willing to replace the proper "wiring kit" for the fogs if I show proof-of-purchase, which I didnt have with me at that time. So it was pretty much a wasted trip and most importantly my hope have been temporarily dashed until someone come forward to argue how both toys can be made to work in a '99 OR -better yet- someone to testify that the fogs or sub are already installed in his/her '99.

Today, I went to 2 different dealers in town to ask for opinion. First, I went to Carmichael Honda to pay Trevor and a service rep a visit. Trevor and the service rep said that both are doable.

Second, I went to Autowest Honda to ask for confirmation. The Part Dept rep said the fogs and sub will NOT work in my '99. But then I asked for the accessory-install-technician...he believes that the fogs will work w/o tweaks or another "wiring kit". While he has never touched a sub before, I offered him to look at my sub and the install instructions. After a brief glance, he thinks that its possible.

So that left me with 3 to 1.
Call me picky but I need an absolute confirmation/proof that someone has the 2001 fogs & sub in a '99.

So, here goes....

1) can 2001 fogs work in a '99 ???

2) can the sub thumb its bass in a '99 ???

If so, how - any tweaks?
If not
, why?

Thanks in advance. Lets the arguements begin.

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I was under the impression that both would work in the 2nd Gen Ody.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Jim F:
I was under the impression that both would work in the 2nd Gen Ody.

I thought so, too, ...until recently.

Come on people!!! 1140 members and none had 2001 fogs or sub in their '99 ???

OK, let me plead with y'all. If you are in your dealer, would yall mind asking your technician (AKA accessory-install-technician) if either or both toys will work with a '99 ? Please help ok.

I dont want a $300 sub sitting in my garage, waiting to rot.
Would really appreciate if you could help.


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