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Here's my question: Anyone experienced problems with Navi DVD player or disc itself?

Here's our saga:
Took delivery of 2001 SS EX Navi 2 days ago (7/31). During dealer delivery nav system malfunctions -- displays error message 'DVD unreadable (Unformated) see your dealer'. It's 8PM Tuesday, so I call dealer service rep next morning. The service rep states that they'd never experienced issues with nav system, and wasn't sure where to start. Asked me to bring car in -- I'm 50 miles away. I told them the error message and asked if they had/could get another disc. Service rep told me to call 800#, so I call and get recording -- states that to buy replacement or updated DVD disc, go online or leave a message, so I left a VM. Then I went online -- only option available is to buy the disc ($150+). So I go to lunch and visit nearby dealer (not one I bought from). Service manager examines and reaches same conclusion I did -- need a new CD. They didn't have one. Service Mgr disconnects power to fully reset system -- same error message. Back at office, I call Honda Consumer Affairs, who commited to look into the matter. To date, the DVD order line hasn't returned the call. Honda Consumer Affairs has called back and stated that they would investigate how to get me a replacement disc, however I really need to visit the dealer where I bought it so they could inspect. I'm going in Sat. morning.
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