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2001 Odyssey can't manually open power sliding door

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Have Odyssey 2001, most of the time, the power sliding door at the passenger side. can't be open or close manually. though rarely it work.

Opening or closing from the driver's control,at the dash board,
always works.

Anyone have suggestion where to check this door problem?
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yes. remote control,open/close of the passenger side door
cleaning the contact with sandpaper,sligthly rubbing it,
made the trick. i clean both contact. the ody side side contact
and the door side contacts. now its working as expected.

hope this will continue to work, not just any luck!

i'll observe it in few days to come.if the problem will
reoccur again, then i will do the fuse reset thing.
Still door problem.

Problem, still occuring. Tried to reset fuse,no13,under the passenger
dash, works for the first try. then next, but after a day. Same door problem again.

After fuse reset the problem was narrowed down to closing the door.

So I will probably try to open the side door plastic cover, to
check for mechanical or misaligned rod as mention
by fellow members here. Possible contact or some sort.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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